About Us

Welcome to Sunnybank Scouts

The Sunnybank Scout Group has a long and proud history in the Sunnybank area. We were first established in 1958 in Dixon Street, Sunnybank. In 1982, with the support of the Brisbane City Council, we secured our new and current location on Beenleigh Rd. Our den is located in the relaxing setting of Les Atkinson Park allowing for members to utilise the park for activities. In 1988 the Sunnybank Scout Den was extended to include an additional storage area and an abseil training tower at the rear of the den. The Sunnybank Den is a dynamic hall with section specific storage areas, meeting rooms and kitchen facilities.

The Sunnybank Scout Group organises several events during the year which provide a fantastic way for scout families to come together, meet other families and have a great deal of fun.

Our Aims and Objectives

At Sunnybank Scout Group, our aim is to encourage and promote the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development of young people. We encourage our members to take a constructive place in society as responsible citizens. Through the Scout Association, we achieve this aim by progressive self-education programs, which focus on initiative, teamwork, cooperation, community service and spirit. The development of leadership skills is a significant part of the Scout program, which ultimately helps today’s youth become tomorrow’s leaders.

All sections offer fun, age appropriate activities for boys and girls to prepare them for life. Youth members are given the opportunity to practise the skills they learn during their section nights.

About Scouting

Scouting has been integral in developing the skills of youth and adults for over 100 years. It is a worldwide Movement with more than 32 million Scouts participating in the most successful youth organisation. More than 15,000 boys, girls and adults in Queensland participate in the fun of Scouts. Scouting encourages diversity and inclusion – it’s truly education for life!

Sections at Sunnybank

Joey Scouts - Ages 5 to 7½

Tuesday Afternoons - 5:00pm to 6:00pm

Joey Scouts is your first section in Scouts. It’s for boys and girls aged 5, 6 and 7* and it’s all about fun! Life as a Joey Scout is full of discovery and excitement!

As a Joey Scout you’ll be part of a Mob which is full of energetic kids just like you. You’ll have a trained Joey Scout Leader who will look after you and plan fantastic activities for you and your Mob. Joey Scouts learn how to share and care while having fun with friends.

Cub Scouts - Ages 8 to 10

Monday Nights - 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Cub Scouts is the second section into Scouts. It’s for boys and girls aged 8 to 10 and it’s all about adventure! These ages may vary up to 6 months. If you enjoy fun, games and learning new skills then you’ll love being a Cub Scout! Life as a Cub Scout is full of adventure and teamwork. As a member of a ‘Six’ you and your Pack will work together to explore the world.

Your Cub Scout Leader will help you along the way and encourage you to participate in Scouting activities. You’ll learn life-long skills and participate in the Cub Scouts Award Scheme and earn badges, make friends and have fun! Cub Scouts are keen to learn, belong, and have fun, so our activities are designed to stimulate their emotional and adventurous spirits.

Scouts - Ages 11 to 14

Wednesday Nights - 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Scouts is for boys and girls aged 11 to 14 and is the most well known section of the Scouting Movement – Scouts is where the action is! These ages may vary up to 6 months. If you are passionate about action then you’re a Scout! Everyday will make your adrenaline rush when you participate in a range of action-packed activities.

Whether you’re mastering the art of outdoor safety, participating in amateur radio shows and performing arts productions, or attending the ultimate Scouting adventure of a Jamboree, you’ll learn life-long skills that you can teach your friends. At Scouts you’ll become a member of a Scout Patrol and your Patrol will work with other Patrols to form a larger Scout Troop.

Together you’ll make important decisions, set critical goals, and depend on each other to succeed. And when you do succeed, you can earn achievement badges! Action is at the core of all Scouting activities. Whether they are tackling a river in a kayak or learning knot tying at a Troop meeting, our program ensures that our Scouts never stand still!

Venturer Scouts - Ages 15 to 17

Thursday Nights - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Venturer Scouts is for males and females aged 15 to 17 who never turn down a good challenge and love to push themselves to their limits. These ages may vary up to 6 months. Venturer Scouts never turn down a challenge, in fact, they make their own! Scaling a 30m rock-face or abseiling into caves may frighten most people but Venturer Scouts face the challenge head on and then go white water kayaking!

As a Venturer Scout you’ll work in Units with other Venturer Scouts and your Adult Leaders are always available to provide you with advice, encouragement, and support. As a Venturer Scout you’re given the freedom to choose your own activities, depending on your interests, because we know that you’re most motivated to achieve when you’re passionate about what you do.

Rover Scouts - Ages 18 to 25

Thursday Nights - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Rover Scouts is the final youth section in Scouts. Rover Scouts are self-managing and plan and run all their own activities, which are tailored to the requirements and interests of members. Rover Scouts enjoy helping others, having a great time and taking on new challenges.

Action is at the core of all Rover Scout activities. And it’s your choice what you do whether it’s kayaking, canyoning, hiking, camping in the snow or even planning an international expedition.

Adult Volunteers

Ages 18 and above

Our Leaders are a dedicated group of people who have completed a nationally accredited training program. They are no different from you – they are current or past Mums and Dads of the Group in uniform. We support our Leaders by covering Leader fees, training and expenses. All of our leaders hold a current Blue Card.

The Group Committee also consists of parents and supporters of our group. The committees function is to assist the leaders by having money and facilities available for activities, which reduces the cost to our parents and families.

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